Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. - AdmissionsAdmissions are coordinated by our Administrator, Admissions Coordinator, Director of Nursing and Social Services Director. All referrals and inquires are reviewed by our team. Once the necessary medical assessments and financial information is received, a prompt response on appropriateness for placement can be given. Our nursing facility is dually certified for Medicare and Medicaid programs. Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. accepts residents with third party payments (insurance), Medicare and Medicaid (public) payments and private funds. We will assist in determining eligibility for insurance and/or medical payment programs; and we will help in completing all required forms.

Admissions process

The first step in the process of admitting to Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. is to have a resident assessment completed. When this assessment is completed, appropriate staff and the resident and/or responsible party can sit down and discuss admission to Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. The average wait for admission varies; therefore it is helpful to plan ahead.

When a room is offered and has been accepted, the next step is securing an appointment with a physician to complete a "History and Physical" examination (must be current within 3 days). Additionally, orders for admission, medications and treatments are required. Our Admission Coordinator will assist you in this process.

Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. - Admissions

Upon admission to Magnolia Place Health Care, L.L.P. a multidisciplinary team meets with the new resident and family to gather information necessary to provide appropriate care, as well as to discuss goals regarding future plans. These potential plans include a long-term stay, returning home, home health care, assisted living, basic care, etc. Our social service staff will maintain involvement at all times.